One of the main features that first draws people to BankerDoge is the vault system. While it originally started to just be a staking system, it now offers significantly more features that can benefit any project. You can add any combination of the below features to your vault, providing exactly what you need for your projects vision.

  • Time-Locked Staking
  • BNB/Multi-Token Redistribution
  • Automatic Buy-Back
  • Token Burn
  • Adjustable Entry/Exit Fees
  • Charity Donations
  • No-Loss Jackpot (Coming Soon)
  • Collectible NFT Generation (Coming Soon)
  • DeFi Lending (Coming Soon)

You can find more information about each of these features in the “Project Features” section of the whitepaper (REPLACE HYPERLINK)

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Professional Services

Many projects want to have the convenience of their holders doing everything from their site. That’s why BankerDoge is able to fully integrate the vault into your site. Visitors will see your branding, access the vault directly from your website, find your charts, and more. For more information, reach out to our team (REPLACE HYPERLINK)

An example of this in action can be found here (Tiki)

Governance Voting

BankerDoge can provide decentralized governance to tokens on the BSC. This integration allows holders of your token to vote on any proposal, from liquidity decisions to charity voting. Votes are held publicly and kept after completion, allowing transparency in the process.

An example of this in action can be found here (Altrucoin)

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Integrated Purchasing
(Coming Soon)

The team at BankerDoge can work with your webmaster to allow users to purchase tokens directly from your website, either with other cryptocurrency or even with a credit card. 

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Public Pre-Sale System
(Coming Soon)

With the massive success of multi-stage pre-sale from BankerDoge, we now offer the same system to other projects. We can incorporate the full system into your site and supply the fully transparent smart contract, making it easy for investors to safely join your project.

Use the header graphic that we use on our main page during presale, with 3/4 bars filled.