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The newest addition to the Altruism Protocol: Altruvaults is a DeFi as a service platform designed to add features such as staking and DeFi lending to any BSC token.

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Altruvault Token

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Security Audit

Public Fair Launch

The Altruvault token will be publicly launched using the DxSale Launch Platform. 

Adding DeFi to Any BSC Token

What is Altruvaults?

Altruvaults is a DeFi-as-a-service platform aiming to add DeFi features such as staking, time-locking, and trustless lending to any BSC token.

Altruvaults is a community-driven project that consists of three parts:

  • The Altruvault Token: A cutting-edge redistribution and dynamic buy-back token.
  • The Vaults Platform: A decentralized application adding DeFi features to other BSC tokens. (app.altruvaults.com)
  • The Voting Application: A decentralized voting application used for charity donation and governance proposal voting. (vote.altruvaults.com)

Through the vaults system, we can provide many cutting-edge cryptocurrency mechanisms to existing BSC tokens such as BNB redistribution, auto buyback, and more.

All token vaults will also support the Altruvault and Altrucoin Tokens through a fee structure explained below.

Our 350 BNB ($140,000+ USD) Pre-Sale Sold Out in Under 6 Hours!

Core Values


Producing yield generation and creating a sensible investment for our holders.


Creating a secure store of value for all our holders.


Giving to impactful charitable causes in order to change the world for the better.


Ensuring no single entity or group has complete control of the protocol.


Through decentralization the Altruism Protocol will remain community driven, built and controlled.


Transparency from our team in all aspects of the project.


Creating a secure store of value for all our holders.


Giving to impactful charitable causes in order to change the world for the better.


Through decentralization the Altruism Protocol will remain community driven, built and controlled.


Transparency from our team in all aspects of the project.


Producing yield generation and creating a sensible investment for our holders.


Ensuring no single entity or group has complete control of the protocol.

Altruvault Tokenomics

The Altruvault token has a one of a kind tokenomics system mixing internal and external price boosting technologies including:

12% Buy Fee, 18% Sell Fee

  • Token Redistribution

    2% of buy transactions and 8% of sell transactions are redistributed to existing holders (50% through vault rewards). 

  • Altruboost

    5% of every transaction is used for dynamic auto buy-back and burn after sell transactions.

  • Multisig Protocol Wallets

    1% of every transaciton goes to the Charity wallet, 2% to the Marketing wallet, and 2% to the Development wallet.

Externally Boosted Tokenomics:

Every partnered token vault will also support the Altruvault and Altrucoin tokens through one of two mechanisms:

  • Vault Participation Fee

    Users pay a small vault entry/exit fee that will be redistributed to existing Altruvault/Altrucoin holders through their token vault(s).


  • Hold To Participate

    Users will be required to hold a certain number of Altruvault tokens in their wallets to enter and exit partner vaults.

How It Works

The Altruvault Token

The Altruvault token is the native utility/goveranance token of the Altruvaults project.

The Altruvault token receives rewards from all token vaults.

Token Vaults

Our vaults are Defi systems that can be added to any existing BSC tokens. The Vaults platform will eventually be decentralized similar to DxSale's token launch platform.

DeFi Lending/Staking

Altruvault's long-term use case is to become a decentralized lending platform for a variety of tokens. Staking vaults exist at launch, DeFi lending is in development.

Charity Voting

A portion of all Altruvault token transactions go to a dedicated multisig charity wallet. Holders can vote on which charities will receive donations.

Decentralized Governance

All protocol wallets and contracts are controlled via Multisig and governance proposals are voted on by the community.


Altrucoin is the first project launched by the our team. It is used as a development platform for features that are converted into vaults. Altrucoin receives rewards from all token vaults.

  • How does Altrucoin and Altruvaults work together? 
    • Altrucoin is the primary development platform for features and vaults. It is a simpler system allowing us to develop and test new features quickly. 
    • Once those features are completed, they will be converted into public vaults that can be added to any token by the Altruvaults team (a separate team of developers).
    • Both Altruvault and Altrucoin receive externally boosted tokenomics from other token vaults.
  • Ownership: Contract ownership, liquidity tokens, and all protocol wallets are locked in Gnosis Multisig Safe contract wallets for added security, more details can be found in our whitepaper.
Why Choose Altruvaults


The combination of innovative tokenomics from the vaults platform and Altruvault token are one of a kind.

Unlike other tokens, we aren’t just making promises to release tech in the future. Our vaults system is live and delivering value even before launch!

We are the first and only project offering these DeFi and staking features to any BSC Token.

Even at launch we already provide features that no other projects offer including:

Altruboost: Dynamic Buy-Back and Burn

Altruboost is the automatic buy-back system that the Altruvault token uses. After sell orders, Altruboost purchases Altruvault tokens and burns them.

This increases the value of tokens in circulation, and prevents negative reactions to some of the natural fluctuations of the market.

Externally Boosted Tokenomics

Partnered token vaults will require that users either pay a fee (used to boost our Altruvault’s price) or hold Altruvault token to enter their vaults.

This causes our token’s value and demand to increase with every new vault we release.

Decentralized onboarding will allow anyone to create vaults for their token (similar to DxSale’s launch platform) greatly multiplying this effect.

Highly Customizable Vaults

Our DeFi vaults feature highly customizable features such as:

  • Locked or unlocked token staking
  • Precise locking durations controlled by users
  • Scaling bonuses for locking tokens
  • Airdrops to staking users
  • Rewards in multiple tokens at once (BNB, BUSD, etc.)
  • Support for redistribution/reflection while staking
  • Optional contributions to charity, team fees, token burn, etc.
  • Trustless DeFi lending (in development)

See out vaults in action: app.altruvaults.com

Contract Security

Our vaults and token contracts undergo internal and external third-party security audits.

The Altruvault Token, every vault contract, and all protocol wallets are controlled via Gnosis Multisig Safe wallet contracts. This greatly reduces the likelihood of a single rogue user being able to attack or steal protocol funds or liquidity.

Private Vault Hosting

By default, vaults in our app already have a private page but the Altruvault Team also provides services for hosting our vaults directly on your project’s website, including admin panels.

We also offer the creation of governance and charity voting applications for tokens. Similar to our voting application: vote.altrucoin.io

Additional Use Cases

The Altruvault token already has substantial value-generating potential, but we plan to add additional use cases to our platform through new vault systems such as:

  • No-Loss Pool Lottery Vaults
  • Dual Reward Vaults
  • Auto Buyback/Burn Vaults
  • Collectible NFT Generating Vaults
  • Liquidity Farming Pools
  • Bridging to Additional Blockchains
  • Token Launching Platform
  • And More!


While an outline is included below, our live roadmap can be found here:

Q2 2021
Stage 0 - Team Building and Testnet Launch

Stage zero focused on building the initial iterations of the project, creating the vault and token smart contracts, and testing them thoroughly before launch.

We solidified our pre-launch partnerships and also completed a variety of administrative and marketing tasks.

This includes:

  • Build Interest
  • Launch Social Media
  • Fully Dox the Team
  • Build Partnerships


Learn More

Q3 2021
In Progress
Stage 1 - Mainnet Launch

The primary goal of stage one is to successfully launch the Altruvault token, Vaults platform, and voting application on the BSC mainnet.

After launch, we will complete applications to various listing services and our first centralized exchange.

Goals of Stage 1 include:

  • Release the Website
  • Publish an Extensive Whitepaper
  • Launch Token Pre-Sale
  • Get on Listing Apps (CoinSniper, CoinHunt, CoinMooner, etc.)


Learn More

Q3 2021
Coming Soon
Stage 2 - Partnerships/Marketplace Adoption

The primary goal of stage two is to increase our presence on major platforms, media and exchanges, to partner with additional projects, and to continue building our community.

This includes:

  • Apply for CoinGecko
  • Apply for CoinMarketPlace
  • Solidify Influencer Partnerships


We aim to reach major milestones for total donations to charity during this stage.

Learn More

Q4 2021
Coming Soon
Stage 3 - Platform Decentralization

We aim to decentralize the vaults application during stage three, allowing for anyone to create a vault for their token. 

This also marks the development team's shift to focusing on the beta release of the DeFi lending platform.

Learn More

Q1 2022
Coming Soon
Stage 4 - DeFi Lending Platform Launch

The security audit and beta release of the DeFi lending platform will be launched on the mainnet during this time along with our 3rd marketing campaign shortly after.

Learn More

Q2 2022
Coming Soon
Stage 5 - Future Plans

As the project develops, we expect new technologies to be released that we may want to incorporate into the Altruism Protocol or to build on. Stage five is where we will implement those ideas.

Learn More

Our Team

Meet The Altruism Protocol Team

Recordings of our AMA live streams can be found on our youtube channel. New Dox videos coming soon!

Photo of Nathaji Metivier, the altrucoin CEO
Play Video
Photo of Aya Yagi, the director of philanthropy at Altrucoin
Play Video
Photo of Paul Lambert, the director of marketing at Altrucoin
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Photo of Matt Mativier, the CTO of Altrucoin
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Nathaji Metivier

Nathaji Metivier

Chief Executive Officer - Senior Developer - Founding Member

Aya Yagi

Aya Yagi

Outreach Director - Founding Member

Matt Metivier

Matt Metivier

Chief Technology Officer - Founding Member

Paul Lambert

Paul Lambert

Director of Operations - Founding Member

Steve Jin

Steve Jin

Senior Web/Full Stack Developer

Derrick McDonald

Derrick McDonald

Marketing Team Member

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Altrucoin and Altruvaults?

Altrucoin is a stand-alone BSC token we are using to develop and test different vaults, staking systems and defi services like lending and farming. Because Altrucoin is a simpler project it allows us to iterate through ideas and present them to the public for testing more quickly.

Altruvaults is a platform that provides a utility to any BSC token (similar to the DxSale platform). Altruvaults will take the systems we develop for altrucoin and make them into vaults/additions that can be added to any BSC token.
Altruvaults has an associated governance/utility token known as the Altruvault Token. The tokenomics of the Altruvault Token and Altrucoin are different as well.

Altruvaults and Altrucoin will have separate development teams that collaborate when necessary to bridge features. Both are managed by the Altruism Protocol Team.

All vaults will support both tokens through the options explained in the tokenomics section.

What is the purpose of the Altruvault Token?

The Altruvault token is the project's associated governance and utility token that is used for various systems on the platform such as:
Voting on charitable donations, voting on governance proposals, entering and exiting vaults, staking the token itself, and it is also used as a test platform for our development team to create cutting edge DeFi systems that are released to the users and eventually used in other vaults.

The Altruvault token benefits from every other vault as fees from other vaults are depositing into the Altruvault token vault as well!

Do my tokens still receive rewards/reflections/redistributions while staked?

Yes, different vaults may calculate these rewards in different ways but your rewards are sent to the vault contract and they are distributed to your staked balance with each update.

Do rewards auto-compound?

Yes, all rewards are auto-compounding. They are compounded each time the vault is updated.

My PancakeSwap Transaction is failing.

Make sure you have the slippage set to 14% for buys and 20% for sells. We are also launching with Anti-Bot/Anti-Whale mechanisms at launched that will be disabled shortly after launch. These include features like bot blacklisting, selling cooldowns for massive/repeated purchases, and more. These should not effect normal buyers in any way and will be disabled shortly after launch.

Do I pay normal transaction fees when entering and exiting vaults?

The Altruvault Token vault and Altrucoin Token vault do not have normal transaction fees when interacting with the vault. Most other vaults do not have fees with their vaults as well but that is controlled by their development teams.